Wolves, Gardens, and Chocolate

The Little-Known Connections to Vibrant Health, Ideal Weight, and Boundless Energy

By Doctor Luis Arrondo, D.C.

Wolves, Gardens, and Chocolate is jam-packed with fascinating stories, engaging anecdotes, and colorful facts about our bodies and how they really work.

About the book

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Luis Arrondo takes a unique approach to one of the true scourges of the 21st century: chronic unresolved health and weight issues. Powerfully combining the wisdom of ancient cultures and cutting-edge research, the author asserts that the hidden connections between the body’s systems—when understood—can transform your body from one in a process of physical deterioration to one whose components work in concert to deliver vibrant health.

You Will Learn:

  • Why most diets fail, and discover the secret of what your body must gain to lose weight.
  • How changing the way you view your health will actually change your health.
  • Simple tools to help you transform how your mental and emotional states are affecting your chronic health issues.